While the sheep be watching, we be building the new.

A boutique hotel, hostel, ayurvedic cafe and co-working space for entrepreneurs

Educate. Inspire. Co Build.

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Why Support Us?

Where does your money go?

Interactive Talks

We travel to colleges all across India, to inspire the generation that will build the future. Your dough enables us to travel and touch many more students. Check out this one at PEC, Chandigarh

Offline Chatroom

We love to have discussions with curious minds and share with them, our liberated ideas about Work & Life (no different to us!). Your dough will cover infrastructure and other resources extended to them ( office, cafe or even our homes)

The Big Picture

Above all, this money is going into solving the problem of cultural programming through which one perceives. Its a mass hallucination of the herd, by the herd, for the herd. We wish to help them snap-out to see their actual worth.

Why Contribute?

A little contribution from you, would go a long way into sponsoring our efforts towards those we meet in our journey forward. We want to reach out to thousands of worthy students to hand hold them who really have a sincere will to do something out of the ordinary.

The result of the money we raise through you won't only be 1000s of people spoken to over our lectures, stays with us and over our meet-ups but would also be 10s of new startups built, to in turn, further inspire India to build more. Our effort is not merely about political preaching of entrepreneurship, or else, would have been that and not a dream for a space. Some day this will be a global ashram of the modern kind.

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